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About Us

A free website that helps people give away things they don’t need anymore. They may want to give it away to neighbors, friends, people nearby that can use the e-mail and Google Map to come pick up an item. The items could be either in the house, business, front stoop or curb, etc. Generally, these items are large or bulky (see posted items on our app, CA, as an example): bike, washers, dryers, beds, exercise equipment, old cars, almost anything.

This is an example of something we most all want to do, but it seems hard to get started (as Scarlett said “I will think about that tomorrow”). You might need a professional or an article to motivate you. Please read the article “Going Green” for a lot of help. You just might feel a lot of accomplishment and a new free feeling about your life being organized. You don’t need a lot of money, only willpower, some planning, motivation and some hard work. You don’t need to keep everything your Mother left you.

You might want to do this with a professional, and he or she will be worth every dollar. However, you could do this yourself by posting it, or by email or calling the person who is getting rid of the item, and you might make a new friend.

WEBSITES that could be helpful:
  • “National Association of Professional Organizers” (4,000 members across USA)
  • “Things in Place”, Walham, Massachusetts
  • “The Organization Connection”, Coastal North Carolina
  • “The Moving Doctor”, Beverly Hills, California
  • “Arranging It All”, Austin, Texas
  • “National Association of Senior Move Managers”, St. Petersburg, Florida (meets once/year)
  • “IVAN Expect” (tech support)
  • “Taskrabbit.com” (find local people to do work)
  • “thredUP.com” (kids clothes)
  • “tinypayme” (selling stuff online through PayPal)
  • “Gumroad.com” (digital goods online)
  • “Karmagoat.com” (proceeds go to charity)
  • “Kcepio.com” (people passionate about aficionados things)
  • “Yardsellr.com” (sell to Facebook friends, tweeter, followers)
  • “Zaarly.com” (local people to take your stuff)
  • “Shopify.com” (high quality goods you have)
  • Container Store (purchase boxes, etc.)
  • Red Cross (blood donations in your neighborhood – storms, floods, etc.)
  • United Way (clothes for needy)
  • Goodwill Industries (donate goods to homeless)
  • Salvation Army
  • Your local mover